2020, UserBridge

UserBridge simplifies user management for your business.

2019, FamilyGuard

Check-ins and alerts to keep the family safe

2019, MyPDA

Making email great again!

2019, AlwaysAccess

Automatic rescue messaging.

2013, Teamstinct

Teamstinct is a free online team communication tool

2013, OnWebChange

OnWebChange is the easy and cheap way to track changes to online prices and web pages.

2012, PuntoShare

Your own personal CMS, database and organizer.

2009, OnWebChange

Online web page change tracking and notification system.

2009, CQuery

Powerful CSS based web content query engine.

2010, JiveWall

The fun way to share content on the web.


Open content publication and subscription service.


Powerful web content extraction and analysis tool and site crawler


The online cron callback service.

2010, HTML5 Paint Doodler

Paint doodle tool written in HTML5 & Javascript with the unique feature to save images online.

2010, - Web framework and CMS

Fast, lightweight and full-featured web framework and CMS. Build and managed website quickly and easily.

2009, API House - Home of innovation

An umbrella site/brand for these various projects.


Simple API-based data logging and retrieval system.

2009, HiveSlider

Work in progress! Revolutionary page navigation system.