2020, UserBridge

UserBridge simplifies user management for your business.

2019, FamilyGuard

Check-ins and alerts to keep the family safe

2019, MyPDA

Making email great again!

2019, AlwaysAccess

Automatic rescue messaging.

2014, ETFmatic Ltd

Co-founder and CTO of ETFmatic Ltd - an online semi-automated service for long-term investments.

2012, Hewlett Packard

Rapid development of application prototypes for the HP commercial printing division.

2011, Surevine Ltd

Became a pround member of the Surevine team on the quest to build secure social applications.

2010, Seedcamp Barcelona

Reached the final and presented my project Femtoo to a panel of investors and entrepreneurs.

2010, Glamour.es

Created an entire microsite within a few days to meet a tight launch date.

2010, Licor43

Build the new flagship website of Spanish licor brand Licor43.es in collaboration with GTO Europe.

2010, IFC Portugal

Build the IFC Portugal website in collaboration with GTO Europe.

2010, Biosensors International

Modified and maintained the Biosensors website in collaboration with GTO Europe.

2009, CarnellWarren.com

Designed, built and lauched the Carnell Warren Associates website. I did this for free as a family favour.

2009, Strands Labs

Java, PHP and Django web developer working on the Strands Recommender, a shopping recommendation engine.

2008, Codeeta.com (Tyven Systems)

Software architect and team lead for a web startup company.

2006, Vox Generation Ltd

Java developer building IVR and speech recognition systems.

2005, Harris Corporation

Java developer building digital content asset management system for the broadcast industry.

2004, Pixology Ltd

Java developer building a digital photo ordering and processing service for high-street retailers.

2001, Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

Software and QA engineer working on high-profile public sector e-government projects.

1998, Oracle Corporation

Software and QA engineer working on the Oracle Designer product suite.